Politik & Negara 29 Oct, 2023

How many more need to die! Before apartheid Israel dan United States stop the massacre, genocide!

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As we look at the death toll - 3,000 children killed as death toll tops 7,000, we are outraged by the inaction of all international agencies, especially the UN.

As this statement is issued, the air raids continue to pound the Gaza enclave. The Israeli army claims to have carried out a ground raid inside northern Gaza.

The United Nations has warned that "many more will die" due to Israel's ongoing siege of Gaza, which has also caused sewage to flow into the streets. 

Philippe Lazzarini, the Commissioner-General for the UNRWA for Palestine Refugees, stated, "People in Gaza are dying; they are not only dying from bombs and strikes; soon many more will die from the consequences of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. 

"Basic services are crumbling, medicine is running out, food and water are running out, and the streets of Gaza have started overflowing with sewage."

It is expected that casualties will be unlimited. The massacre will be witnessed live.

The casualties are rising with staggering numbers, and yet no real impactful action is taken to stop Israel's madness.

We have reiterated that there is no other option. A military intervention from external forces must be immediately deployed into Gaza.

The situation has gone beyond imagination. Israel, with unconditional support from the US, is given the freedom to annihilate Gaza.

For every soul that perishes in Gaza, the UN and all its agencies should be held accountable for failing to act and stop the bloody assault by Israel.

We question how many more need to die each day while the UN does nothing to stop the killings. The situation has gone beyond the right to self-defense of Israel. 

The fact that Israel has defined the whole population of Gaza as legitimate military targets is enough to consider a direct intervention by the UN.

This is more than just about opening doors to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. This is a war crime and genocide, true and true.

Everyone knows too well that humanitarian aid is to assist the survivors, but it will not stop the massacre.

The ultimate aim should be to end the assault and the siege. It is futile to hope for peace when the root cause of the Palestinian plight is the occupation and colonization.

The price of inaction is akin to being complicit with the criminal. The UN is calling for de-escalation and yet does nothing to stop the US from supplying deadly weapons to Israel.

Israel has shown itself to be worse than just an apartheid regime. It is indisputably the real state terrorist, unmatched.

Dealing with Israel is no longer about peace talks. Israel has perpetrated the worst human crime with impunity.

We call for a military intervention to stop Israel. The consequences will be dire, but the world cannot watch the massacre unperturbed.

The recent resolution passed for a ceasefire at the special UNGA is toothless since it is non-binding. 

While it exposes the nations that want Israel to continue the genocide and war crimes unhindered, Gaza is being pounded with even deadlier attacks. 

Body counts and leveled cities in Gaza are now becoming statistics for the world to see live.

Act now!

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, President Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM)

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