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Peace For All art workshop! Uniqlo partnered with Nini Marini! For Dignity for Children Foundation!

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Global apparel retailer Uniqlo recently partnered with local artist Nini Marini to bring refugees from Dignity for Children Foundation for an art workshop. 

The art workshop aimed to teach the children how to use everyday items for design, through their interpretation of what the vision of peace truly means to them. 

This art workshop was held in conjunction with the recent collection launch of Uniqlo’s Peace For All collection, the ongoing charity t-shirt program that supports the continuous efforts for global peace. 

The workshop, attended by 30 refugee children from Dignity for Children, was guided by artist Nini Marini who is dedicated to exploring art through different mediums and wants to inspire people to expand themselves by living creatively. 

With its introduction in June 2022, the Peace For All project from Uniqlo aims to support global peace. 

In collaboration with world-renowned leaders in design, art, science, sports, and literature, the Peace For All project aims to raise funds for peace efforts around the globe. 

The latest collection launch features figures such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cristina de Middel, and Roger Federer.

As of February 2023, a total of about US$2.3 million has been raised through the sales of the Peace For All t-shirt. 

Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company, is committed to donating 100% of the sales profits of the Peace For All project to international organisations that support victims of war, conflict, discrimination, violence, and poverty – UNHCR, Save The Children, and Plan International.

“At the heart of Uniqlo, we not only strive to be a sustainable brand but to also help our local communities. 

"Our workshop with Nini Marini is a testament to Uniqlo’s efforts in shining a spotlight on refugees and the unfortunate circumstances that they are in. 

"With this campaign, we hope to spread the word on global peace,” said Evelyn Tan, Sustainability Director of Uniqlo Malaysia.

Although a full picture has yet to be established, the UNHCR estimates that as of mid-2022, there are 103 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. 

By the end of 2021, an estimated 36.5 million children were among the forcibly displaced people, accounting for 41% of all forcibly displaced people that year.  

Every child deserves a stable and healthy environment to grow up in, and no child should have to face the horrors of being ripped away from their place of birth due to conflict. 

“With millions of people forced to leave their homes, we are always looking for ways to better support our refugee communities. 

"As a company that produces clothing for all, we will continue to work consistently in advocating a little bit of peace in their lives and will continue to aid forcibly displaced groups the best we can,” said Evelyn Tan. - KitaReporters/Media Release

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