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River clean-up activity! Uniqlo promotes environmental conservation! Removes waste from Sungai Melaka!

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Global apparel retailer Uniqlo recently organized a river clean-up activity in conjunction with the launch of Join: The Power of Clothing campaign. 

Uniqlo’s Join: The Power of Clothing campaign encourages customers to be a part of the environmental sustainability activities that Uniqlo is committed to. 

The program also aims to raise awareness on environmental issues, and to inspire action that makes the world a better place.

Uniqlo, in collaboration with Davines Malaysia, an Italian hair care brand joined forces to support Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka (PPSPM) in an effort to preserve local marine biodiversity through a river clean up activity in Melaka. 

The activity saw a total of 66 dedicated volunteers who collected 1,000 kg of waste from Sungai Melaka, one of the major rivers in the region. 

“River pollution remains one of the greatest environmental issues we face in Malaysia. We are delighted to collaborate with like-minded organisations such as Davines to support PPSPM in addressing these issues. 

"These collaborations reinforce our commitment in preserving the marine biodiversity and we aim to inspire more Malaysians to join us in protecting our marine ecosystems,” said Evelyn Tan, Sustainability Director of Uniqlo Malaysia.

“It’s great to see global companies like Uniqlo take charge in organising activity like this to protect the environment. 

"We believe that through these initiatives from larger corporations, we will be able to further spread the importance of conserving our environment not just for our benefit but also for our future generations,” said Datuk TPr. Murad Husin, Chief Executive Officer of Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka.

This river clean-up initiative is in line with Uniqlo’s continuous commitment to promoting the conservation of our environment through activities that hope to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the rivers clean. 

Uniqlo is hopeful that this environmental conservation effort will positively impact the local community by having a cleaner river running through the heart of the city centre. 

Recognising Davines’ unwavering commitment to crafting eco-conscious hair products that beautifully combine sustainability and beauty, Uniqlo is delighted to work with the hair care brand in developing environmentally responsible solutions while fostering a stronger connection to the local community.

As part of the Join: The Power of Clothing campaign, Uniqlo has also launched its latest product line of t-shirts and pocketable bags made with recycled polyester featuring Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, Doraemon Sustainability Mode Fujio-Pro. 

During the campaign period from June 5 to July 4, Uniqlo parent company, Fast Retailing, will donate US$1 to the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), with every purchase of the mens and kids Dry-Ex T-shirt or pocketable bag. 

The donation will be used for educational programs to teach children about the problem of ocean pollution. - KitaReporters/Media Release

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