Selera & Santai 11 May, 2023

Delicious news! McDonald’s Malaysia introduces six Chicken McNuggets sauces with #McDDoDaDip campaign!

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McDonald’s Malaysia is back with another exciting and engaging campaign that will delight all Malaysians. 

The #McDDoDaDip campaign features McDonald’s popular Chicken McNuggets being offered with six different sauces for customers to choose from, starting from 11 May 2023.

Customers can enjoy all-time favourites sauces such as ‘BBQ’ and ‘Sweet N Sour’ or try out fan-favourite sauces like ‘French Cheese’, ‘Cajun’, ‘Sweet Chili’, and ‘Japanese Curry’ with their Chicken McNuggets. 

The #McDDoDaDip campaign promises to provide a unique taste with every bite, catering to all Malaysians.

“The McDonald’s mission is to provide ‘delicious feel-good moments’ to Malaysians from all walks of life. 

"With the #McDDoDaDip campaign, we aim to connect with our loyal Gen Z customers who have their own unique sense of style, and their own ‘personal’ way of enjoying their Chicken McNuggets and the different sauces. 

"This campaign is also a platform for them to showcase their creativity,” said Melati Abdul Hai, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Malaysia. - KitaReporters/Media Release

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